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World Renowned  Psychic Deborah Graham

Your wishes are inside of you!
Let Deborah Graham and her team help you.

Thank you to everyone! We greatly appreciate your support for the Psychic Matchmaker!
  • Wednesday, 9/30 - 7:45am - Tune in to WIRK 103.1 FM listen to Deborah Graham live on the air!
  • Saturday, 10/3 - starting at 6:00pm - Lord & Taylor Mizner Park Charity Day - Come see relationship expert Deborah Graham at this event starting at 6pm.
  • Wednesday, 10/7, 7:00pm - Doors open at 6:30pm -  Love & Relationship Live Event at Waterstone Resort & Marina in Boca Raton with internationally known Psychic Deborah Graham as seen on TLC.  Whether you are already in a relationship or searching for the right one, this is definitely an event you don't want to miss!  Ask questions. Get answers.  
    • Don't miss out on this Living Social Special: Tickets are $250 $89 to attend and seats are limited. Sign up today!

All readings are private and confidential!

I am Deborah Graham, a born gifted psychic.
 With over 20 years of experience as a spiritualist, reader, advisor and psychic relationship coach, I can help you solve all affairs of life. 

Specializing in relationships, I can answer your questions about:
  • your love life,
  • your career,
  • your family,
  • your past lives,
  • your future,
  • how to communicate with your guardian angel,
  • and much more...

Are you looking for the perfect love? Are you tired of looking for Mr. or Miss Right? Do you feel like you are blocked or always stumbling in your relationships? Let me guide you in this spiritual journey.

Readings can be done in person or by phone.  No refunds or exchanges. Please visit the Services page for information
 to schedule your appointment. 

By accessing or otherwise using this website or by contacting us, you understand and agree that: (1) Deborah Graham’s services do NOT include, and Deborah Graham does NOT provide any employment, business, financial, legal, emotional, spiritual, mental, psychological, family, medical or other professional services or advice.  For any such matter you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert; (2) The information and services provided on this website or by Deborah Graham and/or Deborah Graham, Inc. are for guidance only. You are responsible for your decisions and your actions.  Deborah Graham and Deborah Graham, Inc. obviously cannot guarantee success, any particular outcome, or provide any warranties, express or implied of any kind; and (3) Deborah Graham and Deborah Graham, Inc. will not be liable for any damages resulting from: (a) your use of this website, (b) any reading, appointment or service provided by Deborah Graham and/or Deborah Graham, Inc., and/or (c) any actions or decisions that you may make as a result from any service provided by Deborah Graham and/or Deborah Graham, Inc., including without limitation, actual, incidental and/or consequential damages resulting from any claims resulting from any act or omission, negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation or otherwise, including without limitation, personal injury, death, loss of income, stress (emotional or otherwise), errors or omissions, or otherwise.

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