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World Renowned  Psychic Deborah Graham

Your wishes are inside of you!
Let Deborah Graham and her team help you.


You have questions. You need answers. Call me now. (561)496-0700

All readings are private and confidential!

Due to high volume of requests, scheduling is based on availability. We will respond to requests as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

If you live in the Florida area, please contact the office at
561-496-0700 to schedule a 1:1 appointment. You will also need to fill out the forms shown below prior to your appointment.

If you would like a
phone reading with Deborah Graham or one of her team members, please: 
  1. Download and fill out all forms in the DGI_RequiredFormsv3b.pdf
    0.5 MB
    • Sign both the Schedule of Fees and the Customer Engagement forms included in the packet.
      • Scheduling will be based on availability.
    • On the Customer Engagement Letter:
      • Initial page 7 (just above paragraph D)
      • Fill out and sign page 8
    • On the Schedule of Fees:
      • Fill out the service selected
        • A love relationship reading 
        • A general reading 
      • Date/Time of appointment
      • Preferred Payment method

  2. Send in your completed forms to our office
    • Via fax 786-257-5679 or 
    • Via email at

  3. Once we receive your completed information, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for a reading. Scheduling will be based on availability.  PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY so we will be able to contact you to schedule your appointment.
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