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The Psychic Deborah Graham Crystal Collection uses the energy of the universe along with the power of the crystals. The crystals will help you become more connected to yourself and could help clear some of the blockages of the old energy. Each crystal is channeled by Deborah Graham.
There are five different crystals. Whether it’s spiritual grounding, calming your energy to help open your mind, emotions, or even just fulfilling your life. 


*There will be 5 crystals in each bag.

* You need to hold them close to you.

* Meditate with them for at least a half hour and focus on your intentions

* When meditating with them keep them next to your third chakra or belly button. It is best to meditate with them for 30 minutes. You can also carry them and keep them in your bag or pocket or even between your boxspring and mattress to balance you.


*It is best to use all 5 stones when meditating


There is no guarantee these crystals will help make anything happen. They will help open yourself up to new beginnings and possibilities.

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